Arie Lashansky

The Things Network User

Posted on 25-05-2018

Lora Modiin Gateway Update

Iot 915mhz Lora is open from 915m to 917mhz with 916.3 allowed 100mh 20dbm

The 915 band in the us wide spread of 2.16mhz per channel in europe it is 300mhz

So here is my List of channels for open public Lora In Israel Using the spread of Europe
on the Limited Band.

So The open plan for TTN modiin is Below

                1  915.1mhz    13dbm
                2  915.4 mhz  13dbm
                3  915.7mhz    13dm
                4 915.0mhz    13dbm
                5  916.3mhz   13dbm
                6   916.6mhz   20dbm
                7   916.9 mhz   13dbm