Introducing's μNode / IoT development board

Leonidas Papadopoulos

TTN Thessaloniki Community Organizer

Posted on 06-01-2019

After a few months of reseach, the members ot The Things Network Thessaloniki have desided to create our own IoT board, at - our small makerspace where we gather every week.

We tried to make a board that balances a good development experience, low power consumption, and extended feature set. The result is TLab μNode (micro-node). A LoRaWAN/WiFi board that includes a prototyping region, allowing the user to solder his own sensors directly on the board!

The most powerful feature of the board is the WiFi support, that can be used as an additional geopositioning vector, without using GPS that consumes battery (of course we've made it very easy to upload your programs over WiFi).

So, actually we have IoT without 3G or WiFi or bluetooth, but we do use the WiFi to scan the nearest access points and find where the node is located by sending a message to our server through The Things Network!

If you are as excited as we are to start writing your own applications, you can find more about this project at

(Since we are a small group of people without any other financial support, if you like our work you can always donate - ( ) - to help us get more tools and equipment for our makerspace)