Initial IOT ttn Gateways For Timmins Planed to Be Operational Early 2020!

Joe Lag

The Things Network User

Posted on 06-12-2019

We have made some determinations on the best areas we can put our gateways. The equipment is currently on order from China. So it may take a while to arrive to Timmins. With that said, now that we are in December. The holidays may also slow down the Post.

It looks like we will cover mostly the Industrial/Mining half of the City to start. We hope to quickly expand from this point. Of course Gateway locations may change last minute without notice as this is all ran by people like me and you. Most are doing this for free, Offering their time and expertise. With that said looking at the map will show you a general idea of what area will first be covered once operations begin!

Please join us and thank you for your support! Just telling a friend will really help this project.