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Paul Stewart

The Things Network User

Posted on 13-08-2018

We are starting to see some traffic on the TTN_Toowoomba gateway that isn't just me staging and deploying my own nodes - which is great to see.

We have our own SLack and TTN Fourm section if you would like to discuss local issues and ideas.

If you would like to join us on Slack here are a few simple instructions.

Go to - if you have not created an TTN Account you will be asked to do so.

Once there, in the bottom right you can ask for an invite to Slack.

You should receive an email which will allow you to sign up for TTN Slack. After you completed this signup you can use: to sign in to your account.

You can then find the TOOWOOMBA channel in the channel list:

While you are signed on to the Things Network site please make sure you also register for the TOOWOOMBA community: