Are you in Toronto and want to learn about LoRa?

Mark D'Sylva

The Things Network User

Posted on 21-05-2019

There's a lot of useful information about the Things Network in the documentation section of this site.

But there are also some great tutorials about LoRa on Hackster. I've mainly been using a T-Beam and TTN Mapper to test the coverage around the few gateways in my area of Toronto, but a program such as Node-RED is a better choice for real tracking.

This article which was recently published tells you how to use Node-RED to display the location of a tracker node. When I have some spare time, I'm going to use this method to display the location of my T-Beams.

When you go to the link, you will find other interesting articles and projects related to LoRa.

And if you haven't joined the TTN Toronto meetup group, here's the link: