Multi Level Parking

Ajaya Jose

ELPARK-Unified Service Delivery Platform

Posted on 21-12-2017

In these days it is difficult to find free car parking slots in the city. The increase in traffic as well as city population demands more parking areas. However, the city parking areas and facilities are not that much promising. Daily, there are hundreds of vehicles entering into the parking area and looking for empty parking slots. It is very common that the drivers finds it difficult in getting the parking. In fact, they do not know where exacly the free parking, especially when there are limited slots available. Therefore, it is important to have an effective parking space tracking system to know the empty parking and guide the car driver to an empty parking space.

A parking system evolving as multi-level parking (MLP) based on the IoT will assist the driver to find vacant spaces in a real-time parking. This solution will help parking owners to improve their facilities inside their parking area to effectively guide the drivers to vacant parking slots. It is a simple process of availing a parking space by guiding the driver through digital sign boards and mobile apps, the commercial aspect of the business process is quite challenging and rewarding too. ie: Service order management, procurement, delivery management, vendor management and partner share etc. We envisage a comprehensive solution for this by means of a standardised Ubiquitous Service Delivery Platform.