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Ajaya Jose

ELPARK-Unified Service Delivery Platform

Posted on 11-04-2018

Milk is a common commodity in day-to-day life. Milk is rather a necessity for every household. However buying milk when there is a need and preserving it for further use is one of the dilemmas.
• Are we ready to go out and buy milk on early morning or a winter season?
• The milk is not available when the guest comes to our home or our baby demands for it
• No stock availed in the shop when we go for a purchase, thus force to search for another shop somewhere at long distance.
• No branded milk available for our own choice
Nowadays these are some of the common difficulties. Eventually we notice that we have spent double of the amount than its original prices for buying a packet milk. Here we thought of a simple form of mobile commerce. Can we buy milk by placing an order through a smart phone device? Such an instance, even though it is a simple process of getting the milk packet at home through your mobile service order, the commercial aspect of the business is quite challenging.

Future direction and Business Benefits: - The recent statistics reveals that, the number of mobile internet users are increased rapidly and exceeded the number of traditional internet users. Above 60% of smart phone users purchase at least one consumer product through their mobile. It is forecasted that there might be 50 Billion smart devices users acorss the globe. Definitely this is going to be a huge market place and also tremendous opportunities emerging out in digital consumer economy and mobility, as the communication service providers (CSP) had been investing heavily on 4Gand 5G spectrums.

The Takeaway
In near future, the digital consumer service will be potentially available in medical services. There will be applications available in the market to predict user’s health inputs by assessing their behavior patterns. This may become a reality as mobile devices become a devise built up on a fabric wears. Such a device could investigate and get the pulse of the user together with the blood pressure and based on a patient treatment profile of cardiac trouble not only warn the user of an impending heart attack but also get a doctor for medical treatment on the instant. Take this stance little bit further, a smart applications running on pacemaker device may instantiate an emergency call at the moment when the user suffers a heart attack. This is the reality of ubiquitous or pervasive computing.

Conclusion: - In summary, it is need of the hour for a ubiquitous platform for integrating business services as well as products and services in a smart phone based digital ecosystem. There is an increasing demand from huge number of customers through smart phone or a Digital device; is going to be a new revenue model for digital consumer economy. Any business vendor can interface with a digital platform for availing new services as m-wallets, pre-paid Packages or even a post paid service. Moreover to reduce the complexity of revenue share computation and settlement, a credible and flexible integrating platform is necessary. Since there are cross platform and multiple technologies involved, the proposed system must have the capability to uphold the diversified needs of business. Also it should roll out the required business requirements in minimum resolution time. This will benefit a good customer experience by delivering sustainable product and service for a smart community. Eventually this will be a modest form of revenue platform for the digital consumer economy and mobility.