Low Power LAN and Low Power WAN Products and Consulting

Valter Foresto

The Physical Web, Internet of Things seen from the side of things

Posted on 01-11-2016

Our Strengths

  • Long Range Products with Internal or External Antenna (Bluetooth Low Energy, SigFox, LoRa and LoRaWAN)
  • Gateway for Low Power Wide Area Network (Bluetooth Low Energy / SigFox, Bluetooth Low Energy / LoRaWAN)
  • Products Powered with Solar Cells, Energy Harvesting or / and Long Life Batteries
  • IP5x and IP6x Products Enclosures for Indoor / Outdoor particles and liquid protections
  • Industrial, Portable and Wearable Products and Solutions
    Multifunctions and Multiprotocols Firmwares on a Single Product
  • Zero-Configurations and Zero-Maintenance Products and Solutions

Commercial Off The Shelf - Products and Solutions

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (indoor, outdoor, outdoor solar cell and energy harvesting, wearable)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy IoT Nodes (Beacon + Sensors + Actuators)
  • WiFi IoT Nodes (Beacon + Sensors + Actuators)
    Bluetooth Low Energy / WiFi-Ethernet Gateways -
  • Networking Infrastructure for IoT Solutions

Businesses Services - Technical Services

  • Wireless and IoT Consulting,
  • Custom Hardware and Firmware,
  • Cross-Platform Web and Mobile Apps,
  • Solutions Proof of Concept,
  • Prototypes Design,
  • Products Design,
  • Manufacturing and Testing,
  • Technical Support