Next community meeting: 10.10.!

Stefan Schultheis

The Things Network User

Posted on 24-09-2018

it's some weeks since we have had our last Community Meeting! A lot of things happened meanwhile.

We would like to provide an update about the state of the LoRaWAN network, new things that we implemented and the next steps we see in this area. Also we are very curious about getting updates on the projects you are working on!

We reserved a table at
Campus Bräu at Hauptbahnhof
on 10. October 2018
starting at 18:00
for our next Community Meeting.

Please also note these upcoming events:
+ 26.9. TTN Niederösterreich Community Meeting "BBQ Edition" in Pöchlarn:
+ 4.10. "Internet der Dinge" Info by Fachgruppe UBIT of Wirtschaftskammer Wien for members (registration required)

Looking forward seeing you there! ;)