It's been quiet

Andrew Lindsay

The Things Network User

Posted on 14-11-2023

Things have been a bit quiet around here but starting to get back upto speed with the latest developments.
I have started a new position in IoT this year and was at The Things Conference 2023, giving me a renewed enthusiasm for IoT and LoRaWAN.

My original Multitech gateway died some time ago after giving about 5 years service. The replacement has been going well for the past few years but needs to be moved to a new, higher location with larger antenna in order to increase coverage. I'm looking for more gateways across the district so if you have one that is connected to TTN then let us know.

I now have access to not just terrestrial but satellite LoRaWAN for devices that need connectivity but have no access to a gateway. I am able to advise on these use-cases. Get in touch if you have any TTN, device or LoRaWAN questions.