LoRa Button

Andrew Lindsay

The Things Network User

Posted on 16-03-2016

Do you need a big button that you can just hit to do that one thing you always want doing? Order Pizza? Turn off all the lights? Change TV channel? Well now you can with the LoRaButton. It is a large 100mm diameter button in an enclosure with a MultiTech mDot LoRaWAN module and a battery. The button complies with local time-on-air regulations meaning that you cannot repeatedly press the button and expect it to send a message each time. Depending on the setup, the button may only be able to send a message after a delay of over a minute. Currently the button posts 'OK' to The Things Network so you can subscribe to this and trigger an action using Node-RED on either a local server or an instance running on the IBM BlueMix platform. With Node-RED you can then detect the button press to turn on or off lights using the Belkin WeMo, change colour of your Philips Hue bulbs or anything else you can think of.