New multi-function sensor platform showcased

Andrew Lindsay

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-04-2016

Thing Innovations recently spent a few days on the island of Martha's Vineyard working with Herelab on the design of a new LoRaWAN sensor platform. This device can only be described as a Transformer of the IoT world. The device will be available in kit-form and feature plug in modules including display, bluetooth and sensors in addition to the LoRaWAN capabilities. It can be:

  • A Hand held sensor
  • A LoRaWAN range testing device
  • An educational tool
  • A sensor node for buildings
  • A sensor node for greenhouses, large and small
  • A water quality monitor for hydroponics and aqua farms
  • An air quality monitor
  • A traffic monitor
  • A weather station
  • and many more uses

The first prototypes are currently being built, ready for demonstrations in the coming weeks. The first showing of the new sensor platform was at the IoT London meetup, spring showcase event in London.