Occupancy sensor

Andrew Lindsay

The Things Network User

Posted on 01-12-2016

The LoRa Occupancy sensor from Thing Innovations has been developed on the multi-use sensor platform ENV-Board, developed in collaboration with Herelab. The sensor is battery operated and has a very low power usage when sleeping. It is based on the Multitech mDot and a low power Panasonic PIR module with a detection range of 5m. The sensor provides a heartbeat message during times of no movement to give peace of mind that the sensor is still functioning even when there is no movement detected.

The low profile enclosure is suitable for both wall and under desk mounting for room and hotdesk usage monitoring. The advantages of using LoRa over WiFi is that using The Things Network or a LoRaWAN gateway with built in cellular access will reduce the need to integrate the sensor network with a corporate network.