Water Quality monitoring

Andrew Lindsay

The Things Network User

Posted on 18-05-2016

Our partner Thing Innovations has developed, in partnership with Herelab.io a multi-purpose sensor platform based on the MultiTech mDot LoRaWAN modules. The basic ENV-Board has a number of connectors that can take a selection of sensors and an OLED display. It can also take an Arduino Shield to expand its functionality.
In creating a water quality monitor, the Whitebox Labs Tentacle shield is used along with a number of Atlas Scientific probes and their interface modules. The range of probes available include pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). These can be paired with a simple temperature probe to provide accurate calibrated and compensated readings. The probes can be used in a range of applications including fish keeping, aquafarming of shellfish and hydroponics.

The first of these monitors are to be deployed in the coming months, sadly not in the Thatcham TTN community area although if there is a use for this within the area then please get in contact.