2017 - The Year TTN comes to Woky

Mike Beardmore

Helping spread the good news of TTN

Posted on 10-01-2017

TTN Reading had it's first birthday in November. It has been increased coverage with 10 gateways hosted around the town. I have been deeply involved with that community and will apply my learning to help Wokingham get onto TTN swiftly and easily during 2017

TTN have two milestones coming up:
1) delivering the kickstarter hardware gateway
2) switching to the Production Service Platform

With the TTN Gateway available for purchase, and the Production platform in place, Wokingham will be starting with a lower cost and more stable platform than has been the case.

In the meantime it is time to talk 'sensors' and use cases, so watch out for for news here. If you have any needs that you feel may be met by TTN, please get in touch. Likewise if you would like to host a gateway or know locals who may let me know, Finally, if you are in the Wokingham area please sign up here and help us build the Woky TTN.