Exciting news - Reading wins bid to host major conference

Mike Beardmore

Helping spread the good news of TTN

Posted on 21-07-2019

Join us for The Things Network's official UK conference:

Oct 14-15 2019 in Reading

The conference is a 2-day celebration of the very best innovation, real-life uses and new developments in low powered, long range wirelessly networked (LPWAN) Internet of Things technology (IoT) supported by The Things Network

The Things Network is the UK's largest free to use network for IoT and part of a much larger global network based on LoRaWAN technology. It is estimated that 75% of IoT use cases suit low power networks, and LoRaWAN is the global de-facto standard

At The Things Conference On Tour, UK you will hear how LoRaWAN in being used, see a huge variety of applications and in the hands-on workshops you can start leveraging this technology for yourself

This will be 2 days of inspiring and thought provoking talks, hands-on workshops, exhibitions and plenty of space for socializing and sharing tips and stories with your fellow attendees


Who is it for?

  • Professionals and executives tasked with delivering innovation / transformation in their organisation

  • Individuals who want to learn about the Internet of Things, Smart Cities (and towns and rural areas) and what it means for society and work life

  • Technologists and solution providers working with the Internet of Things and smart technology, especially LPWAN

  • Things Network community members who have helped grow The Things Network across the UK and beyond

Why should you come?

Learn how The Things Network fits into the Internet of Things ecosystem, its pros, cons, and alternatives.

Inspiring real-life stories of how the Internet of Things is transforming cities, farming, retail, transport, law enforcement, wildlife conservation, space industry, manufacturing, sport, and many more

Participate in an exciting and free programme of hands-on workshops which will demystify the Internet of Things for beginners, develop the skills of intermediates and share cutting edge ideas and research for specialists

The speakers and the workshops are great, but the conversations and connections you make with other atteendees are equally valuable. There is plenty of opportunity and space to build relationships with your peers

See the very latest technology and discuss your IoT needs and challenges with experts and solution providers in the exhibition hall

Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite

We are still on the hunt for suggestions, offers and ideas. If you want to speak at the conference or run a workshop, or sponsor one, we'd love to hear from you