Internet of Things & Smart Berkshire

Mike Beardmore

Helping spread the good news of TTN

Posted on 19-02-2019

Mark and Mike will be introducing Smart Berkshire to a large group of British Computer Society members tonight. Having just returned from the 2nd Global Things Network Conference in Amsterdam, it is a good chance to look back at the interview that Mark gave at this time last year.

In the video we hear about the seeds set in 2015 and how they are growing in the Smart Berkshire project. With LPWAN coverage from West Berks though Reading, Wokingham and on to Bracknell Forest coming in the next few months, the challenge for ideas that will leverage this free to use wireless network is on. The themes for the challenges will be announced soon and will include health, social wellbeing, environment, travel and how IoT, sensors and long range, low power wireless can be utilised. Startup's and existing businesses have been getting involved with TTN Reading since 2015 and now is the opportunity for Wokingham.

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