Thingitude wins place in prestigious competition

Mike Beardmore

Helping spread the good news of TTN

Posted on 26-06-2017

In this second year of the 50 Game Changer awards it is great news that Thingitude has been chosen to be included. This has delighted Mark Stanley and I as it recognises our work in supporting The Things Network roll-out across the UK and the potential for TTN to be significant influencer of change.

While things have been quiet in #Woky on the TTN front, we have been working on spreading the news of the 12 gateways around Reading, and supporting other initiators around the UK. We have also run a number of workshops for company staff and artists.

While we wait for the official release of the certified TTN Gateway I am focusing on the 'sensor node' part of the system. Richard Ibbotson at Reading Hackspace has created LoRaWAN board to attach to a BBC MicroBit that will make a self contained low power sensor node, battery powered with connectors for the popular GROVE standard sensors.

At the Museum of English Rural Life we have deployed sensors in a raised bed in which one of the Reading University scientists is growing sugar beet. More of this news will come in a later post.

I am working to get reliable wireless sensors and to use the MicroBit as a hub to send data to TTN. I see these a being of value to schools for linking technology and horticulture in the curriculum and for Allotment holders who wish to monitor and control things such a water management.

If you would like to get involved in any way with these projects just let me know.