Why I am excited about Building Our TTN Community.

Mike Beardmore

Helping spread the good news of TTN

Posted on 23-07-2019

Recently The Things Conference 2019 have started posting the talks on their YouTube channel. This one by Charles Paumelle introduces the range of skills and knowledge that is needed to succeed with connected IoT devices and how it seems impossible. Charles lives in the Crowthorne area and has pivoted to working with LoRaWAN as he describes in the video.

It is this range of knowledge that is the source of my excitement, I have worked with many of the ones listed and am having great fun learning about the rest. Of course being knowledgeable about things doesn't make more time, and even eats it up, which is why a community is so valuable.

Through TTN I am meeting such a range of people with interesting applications and enthusiasm for what sensors and data can enable. Artists, Creatives, Museums, Agricultural, Horticultural, Energy, Building Management are just a few groups we have workshopped with, and the chance to showcase the opportunities to the upcoming future workforce heading into a robot controlled world is exciting to me.

Spike Milligan once said — "Everybody has to be somewhere!" and although TTN said it wants to be everywhere, they started by enabling an array of self determined communities each aiming to build the network in their area. I have been learning about the challenges and solutions by helping TTN Reading (one of the first UK communities) The Reading community expanded quickly with lots of enthusiastic members, and I started Wokingham to extend TTN coverage across Berkshire in a joined up way.

TTN Woky desperately needs more community members. If you have skills or knowledge, or would like to learn about any or all the areas that Charles presents in his slides come join us.

You can be a member of more than one community, so eg. someone living on the borders of Wokingham could help Woky and can also be an initiator of TTN Bracknell in the future. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed.