Current gateways covers with range 70-75% of Wroclaw

Michal Leksinski

The Things Network User

Posted on 03-04-2017

Currently TTN Wroclaw LoRa gateways covers 70-75% area of Wroclaw. Maps presents only coverage on roads that were used to drive a car.

Based on tests performed by Etteplan each gateway has 100% coverage in radius of 4-5 km. During tests we are using
two different LoRa modules - Semtech board and ELMO (Espotel/Etteplan LoRa MOdule) with whip antenna made by Taoglas. We ran tests with device and antenna located inside car and on the roof.

We achieved good transmission efficiency on distance up to 15km from particular gateway but of course area urbanization has big impact on transmission distances.

Data transmissions on distances greater than 20km with quite good efficiency were also possible - distances reached to Thaumatec gateway (highest located above sea level in Wroclaw).

Still 3+ gateways are needed in Wroclaw to have 100% coverage of city area.