First stratosferic mission of PWr LoRa tracker

Maciej Nikodem

The Things Network User

Posted on 21-09-2017

Today we have tested LoRa based tracker for stratosferic balloon, developed by students of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in cooperation with Copernicus Project. The device equipped with GPS receiver, GSM module and LoRa radio flew over Wroclaw towards Ząbkowice Śląskie up to the height of 31 975 meters.
Last LoRa transmission was received when balloon reached 10 741 m close to Strzelin - approx 31 km from the starting point and Wroclaw gateways.
During the flight LoRa packets were routed through gateways deployed by Grinn, Thaumatec and the one in Siechnice - big thanks to infrastructure providers!

By the way - have you heard that we have took part in achieving LoRa world record in longest transmission? Read more here.