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At The Things Conference, we come together to share knowledge about the hard bits; the long development cycles in IoT and the common mistakes that eat up all your time, money and resources. We provide you with the content and knowledge to mitigate risks during your LoRaWAN development.

IoT is not a fairytale, it is hard work, persistence and risk.

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Content Tracks 2019


Find out about the current developments in LoRa and LoRaWAN. Get in touch with the inventor of LoRa and the creators of the LoRaWAN specifications and regional parameters.

From 0 to 1

Experiment with different hardware kits, development tools and online simulators to realize your first (batch) of connected products.

From 1 to 1M

How to scale up your IoT project. Learn about certification, FOTA, mass device commissioning, energy optimization and experiment with the many development tools.

Network Deployments

How to best deploy your LoRaWAN network. Use the tools at hand for radio planning and site surveys, for selecting gateways and backhauls (satellites?) and define your deployment strategy.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of LoRaWAN security and how to boost your data protection. Experiment with hardware secure modules and learn about secure key injection at scale.

Use cases

Be amazed by the cutting-edge applications that are already running in the field. Learn how to realize your predictive maintenance and asset tracking (using geolocation?) apps.


Most IoT projects fail. Make sure you don’t. Learn about marketing, distribution channels, market insights in different regions and costs estimates for hardware developments.


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LoRaWAN Academy online course
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The Things Conference Program

Online LoRaWAN developer course included

We want you to get the most out of the two days in Amsterdam. Spending time on the LoRaWAN basics would be a waste. That is why we offer every participant free access to an online LoRaWAN course from the moment you purchase your ticket, till March 2019.


The LoRaWAN course is a 10-module online course which covers all the fundamentals around the technology. The course includes in-depth lectures, podcasts, tutorials and articles about Radio Modulation, LoRaWAN Security, Geolocation, Large Scale deployments and many more.

  • History of wireless communication What antenna to choose
  • Today’s wireless communication technologies
  • LPWAN use cases
  • How does Chirp Spread Spectrum modulation actually work
  • Why are these chirps so robust to interference?
  • Scalability
  • What LoRaWAN modules to be used?
  • What are the different options or gateway and how to choose one?
  • How to improve range through selecting the right antenna

Hands-on tutorials about:

  • Device activation
  • Data visualization
  • Acting upon LoRaWAN sensor data
  • Putting sensor data into practice
  • Building integrations using HTTP endpoints
  • Building integrations using MQTT
  • How does the LoRa modulation exactly work?
  • What’s Link Budget?
  • Free Space Path Loss?
  • How can you use this knowledge to optimize the range of your device?

Theoretical explanations and hands-on tutorials about:

  • Localization using GPS
  • Localization using WiFi BSSIDs
  • Localization using Triangulation
  • How secure is LoRWAN and what are the weak spots?
  • Designing secure applications
  • Become familiar with secure elements for additional layers of encryption
  • What tools to use when scaling up
  • Cloud platforms
  • Firmware Updates Over the Air
  • Mass device commissioning

Let’s put your skills into practice!

Call for papers

Do you have a unique story about LoRa or LoRaWAN you want to share with 2000 developers? We would love to hear your proposal. Please send a message to

The Things Conference 2018

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