Branding & Promotion

For the global The Things Conference we heavily invested in its branding and you are free to use it. Download here the full brand package with all the source files.


Make sure to use the branding for:

  • Your event website
  • New social media accounts with a newly created #
  • Direct mailing to your professional network and local The Things Network community
  • The global channels of The Things Network: the Forum and Slack.


Leverage the community

Make sure to use The Things Network’s community and its community managers.

  1. Plan a call with Laurens ( and/or Rish ( to discuss your promotion and discuss how to involve the community.
  2. Reach out to all core team members of nearby communities and see how you can collaborate on the communication of the event.


Communication Planning

It is crucial to think the entire event promotion through. The following timeline share the planning used for the global conference:

4 months

  • Announce the conference & send out a save the date email – see example mail.
  • Launch the conference website

3.5 months

  • Start early bird ticket sales
  • Announce first speakers

3 months

  • Start regular sales
  • Announce new speakers
  • Hand out discount codes to partners & active community members

2 months

  • Announce partners
  • Content marketing: share a social media post for each speaker/partner indication what visitors can learn from them
  • Hand out visuals and PR instructions to speakers/partners to promote the event

1 month

  • Aggressive marketing – last minute sales (most of the tickets are sold in the last month)
  • Start using a # on social media


Video & Photos

Have a look at the photos made during The Things Conference. Pretty neat right? Make sure to hire a good photographer and someone to record videos for the aftermovie.

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