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Code of Conduct

Great to have you be a part of The Things Conference! Before we get started, we just want to ensure that you adhere to our code of conduct.

While we believe much of this goes without saying, we are going to say it nonetheless to ensure that there are no misunderstandings. The Things Conference does not tolerate harassment of any kind, whether verbal or physical.

The Things Conference welcomes individuals from each walk of life. Regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or heritage. Discrimination against the mentioned characteristics also has zero tolerance at our conference.

It should also go without saying that insulting or discriminating against conference organizers or harassing conference organizers or supporting staff will also not be tolerated.

Any harassment or discrimination of any kind, or more generally bullying is totally unacceptable at The Things Conference. Continuously engaging in any form of this behavior will result in an instant removal from the conference without the possibility of refund. Should an incident arise, refusal to comply by the code of conduct or depending on the severity of the situation, consequences could also result in a lifetime ban from The Things Conference.

Furthermore, The Things Conference is a professional event that has been organized with various activities to deliver value to our conference visitors. Some of those activities require audience participation, while others do not. However, in all cases, any deliberate unnecessary disruption of conference activities will also result in a removal from the conference.

As we previously stated, we believe that much of this goes without saying but we believe that publicly stating our code of conduct will contribute to a professional, educational and most importantly, enjoyable conference!