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The Things Conference Series is a series of events leading up to The Things Conference 2022 in Amsterdam. The Things Conference Series events focus on individual verticals and highlight the innovations about LoRaWAN and business cases.

The Things Conference 2022 is taking place on September 22 and 23 in Amsterdam. Have a top-quality experience, meet industry leaders face-to-face, and much more at our flagship event about LoRaWAN. Together with our partners, we are building up to the conference, with webinars and side events. See the entire program here.

If you purchased a ticket for The Things Conference initially planned in January 2022 (now on 22 and 23 September), your ticket allows you to access these events without additional costs. Keep an eye on your email for the direct registration link, which will be sent closer to each event. Alternatively, you can purchase a full series ticket to attend all events or a single ticket to attend the conference most relevant for you.

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The Things Conference Series featured the following events:

Past events:

The Things Summer Networking – 9th June 2022

With our network of hundreds of thousands of LoRaWAN professionals, we brought together The Things Summer Networking event. Connect to people and businesses and start creating successful projects together. Prepare for one hour where you will have the opportunity to meet fellow community members from different parts of the world.

The Things Logistics Webinar – 2nd June 2022

Rewatch the webinar and discover next-generation LoRaWAN® use cases that will make your logistics smarter and take a deep dive into the latest IoT solutions together with the industry leaders. Get all your questions answered, boost your LoRaWAN development, connect with the industry’s #1 LoRaWAN experts and meet the relevant market players at the click of a button.

The Things Agriculture Webinar – 19th May 2022

Rewatch the webinar and learn to get smart with your irrigation, animal tracking, precision framing, soil moisture, waste management, and more. LoRaWAN networks enable you to make well-informed decisions and streamline your processes.

The Things Conference Spring Global – 5th May 2022

The Things Conference Spring Global gave an industry update and prospects of LoRaWAN.

We presented: 

  • what is the current market and where is it heading
  • what are the latest devices
  • what are the latest successful use cases

Watch the playlist

The Things Conference Devices – 24th March 2022

The Things Conference Devices is an event where LoRaWAN® device makers will have the opportunity to present their product, and answer all questions from potential buyers. Watch the playlist

Integrations & Apps Webinar – 10th March 2022

Rewatch the webinar and learn how to connect to third-party apps to create value from your IoT data.

The Things Devices Webinar – 3rd March 2022

Rewatch The Things Devices webinar.

Network, Roaming, and Peering Webinar – 24th February 2022

Rewatch webinar and expand the coverage of your LoRaWAN network with Roaming, Peering, and Packet Broker.

The Things Security Webinar – 17th February 2022

Rewatch The Things Security webinar and learn best practices for maximizing safety and scalability in your deployment of LoRaWAN.

The Things Fundamentals Webinar – 10th February 2022

Rewatch webinar on fundamentals of LoRaWAN.

The Things Conference Embedded – 28th January 2022

Dive into LoRaWAN device development and explore the brand-new Generic Node, a single LoRaWAN node packed with several sensors and features to support multiple use cases and simplify building the devices of LoRaWAN. Watch the highlights and other keynotes from The Things Conference Embedded. Watch the playlist