Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is The Things Conference?

      The Things Conference takes great pride in announcing itself as the largest LoRaWAN conference in the world. The conference aims to bring people a wealth of knowledge concerning LoRaWAN through engaging keynotes, interactive workshops and live demonstrations showcasing the latest and the greatest in LoRaWAN. The Things Conference 2021 will be a fully virtual conference. 

    • What about The Things Certification?

      Certify your LoRaWAN know-how with The Things Certifications. It includes certifications on Fundamentals, Advanced, Security and Network Management.
      Take the Certification Exams.

      We’ve also published The Things Conference micro-certifications, together with conference partners. Take the micro-certifications:
      Low Power Design
      LoRa 2.4GHz
      LoRaWAN Regional Parameters
      Edge Computing on IoT devices
      Gateway Fundamentals
      LoRaWAN Device Certification

    • How can I access The Things Conference 2021?

      The conference will be taking place on from January 25th – 29th of January. If you have purchased a ticket, you will receive instructions from on how to register to the platform. Use the url in the email to register yourself (using the free registration option) on Hopin, see the image below.

    • I have not received my Hopin access shortly before the event start. What should I do?

      Please check your inbox for an email from If you have not yet received your Hopin log-in instructions and you’ve checked your spam folder, reach out to with the subject line “Missing Hopin Access” and please include your order number in the email.

    • I am experiencing technical issues during the event. What should I do?

      Be sure that you are using Chrome (preferred) or Firefox (backup) and that it is up to date. It is not recommended to watch the conference by phone. For more information to ensure the best conference experience, have a look at the Attendee Troubleshooting Guide.

    • How should I prepare for The Things Conference?

      Make sure you know what keynotes to attend and what companies to talk to. If you are planning to attend workshops, make sure you prepare accordingly. You can find the complete list of sessions here.

    • How to join the informal networking event?

      On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we are hosting an informal networking event from 5pm CET onwards. Check-in the networking event via this link. Make sure to use your laptop, not your phone.

    • How to access the Virtual Wall of Fame?

      Check it out here:

    • I got another question I need support for, where do I go?

      We got you! Reach out to

    • I bought a 2-for-1 ticket at The Things Conference 2020. What happens with my ticket?

      If you purchased a 2-for-1 ticket at The Things Conference 2020, intending to visit the physical conference originally planned for this year, then we are happy to announce that we have got you covered. Your 2-for-1 ticket will be transferred to the next physical conference and you will receive two complimentary complete tickets for The Things Conference 2021. You should have received an e-mail asking you to nominate a guest and once we have your guest, you will receive your access to the virtual conference on Hopin. If you did not receive this e-mail, please reach out to and please note your order number for the original 2-for-1 ticket purchase. 

    • How sustainable is The Things Conference?

      Organizing a conference leads to a lot of carbon emissions. The Things Conference tries to compensate part of the emissions by investing in green projects. In total we compensate 400 tons of CO2 by investing in projects to plant trees in Costa Rica, Uganda and The Netherlands. For more information, see:

    • What is a Things Conference On Tour?

      A Things Conference On Tour is a conference being organized by one of our partners in another country which aims to bring the local LoRaWAN community together. You can have a look at the existing conferences on tour here.

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