RoLa Guard

Based in Argentina, the firm is a boutique software research and development services company. Founded in 2005, Argeniss Software has constantly grown to become an international, very dynamic and highly talented people enterprise.
With a vast experience in developing worldwide used software the company has consolidated its competences and knowledge by continuously enforcing and improving the staff expertise. Argeniss has been building different kind of software solutions (security, cloud, marketing, IoT, mobile, etc.) for sophisticated companies where quality and scalability play an important role.


  • RoLaGuard is a SaaS solution that monitors, detect and prevent cyber attacks and security vulnerabilities on LoraWAN networks. Backed by deep cyber security research and by using Machine Learning, LoRaGuard is the only low cost, easy to implement and scalable solution to secure LoRaWAN networks.
  • RoLaGuard helps to protect your LoRaWAN networks so your business and services are safe from cyber attacks and security problems.

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