Concept13 is one of Europe’s leading IoT and LoRaWAN companies, partnering with international businesses to help implement the very latest in LoRaWAN IoT solutions. Our expert IoT LoRaWAN consultancy services combined with streamlined sourcing, supplying and configuring of the latest LoRaWAN sensors, LoRaWAN gateways and LoRaWAN networks so that you stand the very best chance of implementing IoT that delivers definite tangible value. We understand LoRaWAN and speak your language.

Concept13 understands first-hand how the Internet of Things, powered by LoRaWAN, is delivering a paradigm technological shift by expanding the horizons for monitoring, analysing and automating business processes – significantly and positively impacting organisations. This only possible by the seamless interoperability and harmony of all the LoRaWAN components. As your strategic LoRaWAN Partner, Concept13 ensures this seamless, cost-feasible and risk-averse approach to LoRaWAN by our experience, LoRaWAN consultancy services and sourcing the very best LoRaWAN Sensors, Gateways and networks to facilitate your end-solutions dependability, performance and ultimate value.