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Lucy Zodion

Switched on street lighting Over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of street lighting solutions… Lucy Zodion is a leader in the design and manufacture of street lighting equipment in the UK, supplying to countries throughout Europe, Australasia, Africa, the Far and Middle East. With a product range spanning on-street lighting installation, electrical distribution and control, our industry prominence has been afforded through years of experience and a dedication to innovation in the products and services we offer.

We’re committed to developing tomorrow’s solutions, today… Committed to developing futureproof street lighting and power distribution solutions, our key focus is providing a clear package that can meet and exceed the growing needs of connected and environmentally conscious communities across the world. As the impetus of energy efficiency and data management grows, street lighting as we know it is transforming from illumination hardware into a valuable digital urban asset.

Used to facilitate a number of smart solutions that help enrich communities, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are ever evolving as pivotal features throughout urban areas, providing citizens and councils alike with enhanced more intuitive services. Lucy Zodion’s next generation solutions harness IoT technology to make unique urban data more accessible and secure.

Our vision is to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s cities with a smart, open and sustainable ecosystem that truly benefits the community. This can be achieved through interoperable smart city networks that enable forward thinking city leaders to take control of their urban infrastructure, both today and tomorrow.