Minol ZENNER Connect

Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH is the leading LoRaWAN network provider in Germany. We have built, operate and maintain a private LoRaWAN network of more than 5.000 gateways, supporting more than 800.000 deployed devices. This deployment demonstrates the excellent scalability, flexibility and robustness of LoRaWAN. As a Contributor Member of the LoRa Alliance, we proactively support the development of the defacto IoT open standard within our core verticals Smart Buildings, Smart Cities and Smart Utilities. As Minol ZENNER Group and together with our partners, we offer numerous value-added services revolving around IoT. From IoT consultancy, system integration, network planning and enablement to complete end-to-end solutions. Within our newly launched IoT shop, customers are able choose from the best selection of LoRaWAN IoT devices, meters and gateways not only from ZENNER but also from over 30 different suppliers. Additionally we offer several out of the box “plug & play” IoT solutions from offerings such as Switzercloud and ZENNER Cloud. Serving you from sensors to data to analytics. Discover how we can help you and your LoRaWAN ambitions or just come and have a chat with us at the Minol ZENNER Group booth at #TheThingsConference.




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