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 SEZO, a Poland based company that offers solutions in LoRaWANLTE-M, and NB-IoT technologies. Its mother company WiRan, which is a hardware design office with a proven track-record of RF technology solutions, telemetry expertise, and EMC testing, has been on the market under different names since 2002. Back in 2017, based on its experience in wireless communication devices, WiRan presented SEZO (that stands for the first letters of SEnsor ZOne). 

SEZO, as a suite of products, can be best described as a long-range of customizable IoT solutions. The company offers devices that are designed for monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and others. SEZO assists in such burning issues as:

  • Detection of high levels of particulate matter that can be detrimental to humans health;
  • Identification of noise pollution zones;
  • Tracking of valuable items that assures the safety of goods;
  • Detection and alerts of water leakages.