Two co-founders, Andrew (left) and Scott (right), started Thingy in a garage solving problems with simple and salable solutions. Over 50 years of combined experience building telecommunications systems, embedded platforms, and environmental sensor networks for many public + private industries. Following a passion for technology being applied to decades of firefighting and outdoor sensor network experience.

From Cisco to Microsoft, Amazon to Broadcom, Ski Patrolling to Firefighting, Home Automation to Weather Stations in Australia we have a broad scope of experiences.

We do design, development, and production of environmental real-time data acquisition and telemetry systems that are designed to run unattended for long periods in remote locations.

Our mission is to become a flexible innovator for IOT devices, low-power + low-cost connectivity, and new applications to solve unique challenges. We want to solve the problem not just develop yet another IOT development platform. Our solutions include low-cost and low-power embedded computing devices utilizing the latest in multi-radio LPWan, Narrowband, and LTE wireless technologies, transmitting small amounts of data to overcome device scaling challenges in remote areas.Through this experience and passion and our technology partners, we believe Thingy will accomplish great things.


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