Gottfried Pessl

Founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments

Gottfried J. Pessl – Founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments located in Weiz – Austria. He holds a university degree in international marketing from the Karl Franzens University in Graz – Austria, worked 9 years in Banks and AG Supply businesses before he started as an entrepreneur. He is married and has 2 adult daughters with 2 lovely grandchild’s and a son of seven which started his school career. He grew up on a subsistence alpine farm in Styria and has an agronomy background as well. As one of the most recognized pioneers worldwide on IOT´s, Decision Support Systems and cloud-based support tools he is frequently invited for speeches in USA, South America, Europe, Asia where he explains his vision in the application of electronic devices and AG Tech in agriculture. He has a long-term experience in international cooperation and in the construction of sensors for the AG Tech sector. The company is 35 years old, does business in more than 85 countries, employs about 125 people worldwide. Since September 2015 Jadeberg Partners AG are minority shareholders in his company.

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