Adam Sobol

Founder and CEO - CareBand

Adam Sobol is driven by making people’s lives easier, healthier, and more sustainable through emerging technologies and machine learning. He is currently the Founder and CEO of CareBand, location-based health and safety wearable solution for people living with dementia. Trained in informatics and cybersecurity, Adam has a background in consulting, leadership, and project management. Before CareBand, he had founded three SaaS startups focused in education, sports, and healthcare.

Adam is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. In 2018, Adam was asked to speak at the Bluetooth World Seminar in San Jose, California. He also spoke at TEDxDayton on using technology to empower people living with dementia. Adam has been recognized numerous times for his innovation in healthcare. In 2017, he was named to AARP’s 50+ Innovation Leaders for healthcare.

Adam also serves on various boards and committees, including the LoRa Alliance Smart Home/Neighborhood Committee, American Medical Directors Association’s Innovation Advisory Council, and the Dementia Action Alliance’s Corporate Leadership Board. Adam continues to be excited by the potential of new technologies and the opportunities they have to improve the lives of people.


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