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Aman Chawla

Founder & CEO - CITiLIGHT

Aman Chawla is the Founder and CEO, CITiLIGHT, a smart-lighting solutions provider based in India.

Set up in 2012 for the development and deployment of smart, sustainable and energy efficient
lighting infrastructure, CITiLIGHT has already automated and connected more than one million streetlights across 134 cities and villages in India.

Aman leads CITiLIGHT’s strategy and business, and has been steering the company through prestigious projects with governments, local municipalities and airports across India. He is now aiming to take CITiLIGHT through its next phase of growth and to international markets, with Europe and the middle east in sharp focus. Aman’s deep understanding of the fast-evolving technology landscape, IoT solutions and their possibilities, in addition to his thorough expertise of nodal agencies’ management both at the federal and state levels, make him a fast player and result-oriented driver of strategic goals.

Before founding CITiLIGHT, Aman worked as a design engineer at Texas Instruments, Bangalore, and as a trainee at Nav Shikha Polypack Industries, a leading PVC pipe manufacturer. Aman is an Electronics Engineer from VIT, Pune (India). He is a marathoner and is married with a child.