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Dr. Jaume Anguera

CTO and Founder - Ignion

Dr. Jaume Anguera, IEEE Fellow, founder, and CTO of the technology company
Ignion. Associate Prof. at Ramon LLull University. Inventor of more than 150 granted
patents, licensed to telecom. companies. Inventor of Virtual Antenna™ Technology,
which fostered the creation of Ignion. Many of these Virtual Antenna™ products have
been adopted by the wireless industry worldwide, to allow connectivity to IoT devices
through a miniature multiband/radio and off-the-shelf components called antenna
booster ten times smaller than conventional antennas. Author +250 scientific papers
and international conferences (h-index 50), 7 books. He has participated in + 22
competitive research projects financed by the Spanish Ministry, Generalitat de
Catalunya, and the European Commission exceeding $ 7M, principal researcher in
most of them. He has taught +40 antenna courses worldwide. With 22 years of R&D
experience, he leads the R&D team at Ignion, creating new products, envisaging new
technologies, fostering synergies with partners, and providing technology strategy to
scale the business of the company.