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Olivier Seller

Technical Fellow of Wireless IP - Semtech

Olivier Seller is Technical Fellow of Wireless IP at Semtech. He joined Semtech in 2012 following its acquisition of Cycleo, the start-up responsible for the creation of LoRa devices, which he co-founded. Olivier is one of the co-inventors of LoRa, focusing on the LoRa modulation itself and its digital implementation. Olivier architected the LoRa localization solution at the radio level, i.e. gateways, timestamp algorithms and solvers. He designed and implemented the ranging capabilities found in latest LoRa chips.

Olivier studied at Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, before working in the telecom and semiconductor industries. With experience at 802.16 start-ups, Orange and Cambridge Silicon Radio, Olivier was responsible for functions in R&D, team management and executive support.