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Sander Arts

Founder - Orange Tulip Consultancy

Former VP/CMO of NXP semiconductors, Atmel Corp, and Marvell. Founder of Orange Tulip Consultancy. Author of the book ‘Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing’. Board member, Investor.

Today, he is working with many global companies on marketing related topics. Customers include Arduino, SupplyFrame, Groq, Syntiant, Mythic, BareConductive, SiFive, Klue, and many more. Sander regularly speaks around the world on the topics of marketing business, and he lectures on the subject at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon. His work serves as the basis of a case study taught by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. A native of the Netherlands, he holds strong ties into the Dutch start-up scene. He holds a Master’s degree from The Netherlands’ Radboud University Nijmegen and a certificate in Strategic Marketing Management from the Executive Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.