Tim Cooper

Principal RF Applications Engineer of Wireless and Sensing Products Group - Semtech

Tim Cooper is a Principal RF Applications Engineer in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group and has been involved with LoRa at Semtech since the very beginning. He has been involved in most of the gateway projects: from cobbling together the very first (suitcase-sized) U.S. gateway, to the very latest generation of 2.4GHz and LoRa Corecell gateway reference designs.

Following completion of his studies, he completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in smart arrays and since then has been in the semiconductor industry. Tim holds several patents, journal and conference publications.

In addition to working on LoRa chipsets for gateways, he is presently championing LoRa at 2.4GHz, and works regularly on antenna design, protocol design, the performance of large radio networks, and radio-based location services. His main interest is helping people solve real-world problems with LoRa and bringing that solution from concept to reality.

Mr. Cooper, and his articles and application notes, can be found on Semtech’s LoRa Developer Portal.

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