Wienke Giezeman

Initiatior at The Things Network, CEO at The Things Industries

Driving down the total cost of ownership of LoRaWAN deployments. Wienke and Johan will talk about their experiences of developing The Things Network as a scalable, multi-region deployment. They will share their vision on the future of LoRaWAN and have multiple announcements to bring the future of LoRaWAN a bit closer.

Wienke Giezeman is the initiator of The Things Network, the first crowdsourced free and open ‘internet of things’. In Amsterdam, the network was set up in 6 weeks and this made Amsterdam one of the first real smart cities.

Johan Stokking is tech lead of The Things Network and CTO of The Things Industries. Apart from his work on The Things Network and The Things Industries, Johan is a member of the LoRa Alliance technical committee and works on the specifications of LoRaWAN peering and Firmware Updates Over The Air.

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