The Final Frontier: LoRa Connectivity Everywhere


Workshops Area 3


01/30/2020 11:00am

01/31/2020 11:30am

Wondered how the Lacuna satellites work? How do you hook up a LoRa® device to satellites orbiting the earth at 7.6 km/s? The workshop will go through the basics of operating in a space environment and communicating with our satellites. We will be demonstrating how the satellites are tracked and how data flows from the satellite to the end user!

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

We will demystify the mechanics of satellite orbits and show how easy it is to get on board the Lacuna Space Network!

How can I prepare for this workshop?

No degree in rocket science needed! Best to have a working knowledge of configuring LoRa devices.

About the hosts:

Thomas Telkamp
Chief Technology Officer –  Lacuna Space

Lacuna Space
Lacuna Space provides connectivity directly from LoRa® devices everywhere, using satellites! We work with LoRaWAN® resellers and solution providers, extending the reach of their networks to the most remote locations! How do you source “space ready” devices? Through our partners, IRNAS, MIROMICO and Parametric or make your own! Based on our open source design and widely available components. Come by our stand and find out how to join our network: