Radio Planning; Simulate LoRaWAN gateway coverage


Workshops Area 3


01/30/2020 1:00pm

01/31/2020 3:30pm

Do you want to know which spot is the right one for a LoRaWAN gateway? Or, do you want to know if the location you have been offered will deliver the LoRaWAN coverage you want? You can simulate LoRaWAN radio coverage before you build a gateway or install an antenna! In this workshop you will be introduced in to the basics of radio planning and learn how to simulate coverage of your gateway before you spend the money of installation.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

After this workshop you will know about simulation of radio signal propagation, have basic knowledge of link budgets, and how to model a LoRaWAN gateway and node in the software you installed on your own Windows laptop.

How can I prepare for this workshop?

No preparation required.

About the hosts:

Remko Welling
The Things Network Community – Apeldoorn 

The Things Network Community – Apeldoorn
On a mission to provide Apeldoorn and the area around with a free IOT data network! We build and mantain an Open Source LoRaWAN Network in Apeldoorn.