Connecting TEKTELIC Devices to TTN in 2 Simple Steps


Workshops Area 3


01/31/2020 2:30pm

This hands-on workshop will guide participants through the simple process of onboarding a TEKTELIC LoRaWAN® device to the TTN network via the TEKTELIC mobile application. Users will be able to quickly and efficiently begin visualizing the data from their provided devices in just a few simple steps. It has never been easier to get up and running with your our LoRaWAN® network, and TEKTELIC and TTN have partnered to ensure this process is simple and seamless!

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

Participants will be able to connect a TEKTELIC device to the TTN network and TEKTELIC mobile application to start visualizing the data from their devices in minutes. Participants will be provided with a TEKTELIC Smart Room Sensor that they will get to keep at the end of the workshop.

How can I prepare for this workshop?

No preparation is required.

About the hosts:

Roman Nemish
President – TEKTELIC

TEKTELIC Communications
TEKTELIC Communications Inc is a premier supplier of best-in-class IoT Gateways, Sensors, and Custom Applications. These elements can be combined in a network to provide a powerful end-to-end solution that can be easily, quickly and cost-effectively deployed to address the most demanding IoT user requirements. With a growing portfolio of products, TEKTELIC has solutions utilizing various IoT technologies including LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT. These solutions can be deployed in numerous global frequency bands, addressing a wide variety of vertical applications from enterprise and commercial deployments to the service provider and industrial solutions. Industries of focus for TEKTELIC’s end-to-end IoT solutions include Smart Cities and Buildings, Smart Agriculture, Smart Industry and Tracking.

TEKTELIC provides an advantage to its clients by offering a single source supply for custom IoT product development, providing support from the concept to production phases of the product and application lifecycle. In addition to IoT, TEKTELIC is also a leader in the custom design and development of carrier-grade 3G, 4G and LTE Cellular Radios and Basestations, Small Cells and eNodeB’s which are deployed worldwide through partnerships with Tier 1 Service Providers