The Things Industries Join Server & Device claiming


Workshops Area 3


01/31/2020 12:30pm

A huge milestone was accomplished by releasing the LoRaWAN Back-end Interfaces in October 2017. The standardization of the inner workings of the network servers, laid the groundwork for interconnecting LoRaWAN network.

The Back-End Interfaces specifies the component called the Join Server. This component stores application’s root keys and generates session keys. The standardization of network server components allows the Join Server to be connected to different LoRaWAN Networks.

Join this session to learn more about the Join Server component, about The Things Industries’ implementation and about the simplification of device configuration by simply scanning a QR code.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

Insights into the Join Server component and how this component can be used to simplify the configuration flow of end device.

All participants LoRaWAN Network Server that can exchange traffic with The Things Network.

How can I prepare for this workshop?

No preparations required

About the hosts:

Krishna Iyer Easwaran
Stack Engineer –  The Things Industries

The Things Industries
The Things Industries provides enterprise-grade technology for customers to build private LoRaWAN networks. Its technology is user-centric and meets the demands of scalability, flexibility and security. Its API-first approach allows customers to seamlessly integrate into existing systems and infrastructure. TTI supports an installed base of roughly 20 000 LoRaWAN gateways globally, which includes the community-based The Things Network. For more information, visit