Systems integrators voicing customer need


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01/30/2020 12:30pm

Systems integrators voicing customer needs: What is lacking for fast, cheap and sustainable delivery at scale?

Introduction: implementing LoRaWAN is hard. Systems integrators are widely regarded as the actors to bring the value of LoRaWAN use cases to the end user. However, Integration is the most complex and risky part, as the work entails tying components in the value chain together, from RF, embedded, hardware, and data platforms for actionable insights. This requires a broad set of competences. Further, maintaining service levels over time, controlling costs and eventually successfully delivering the business case is challenging. SIs are eligible to earn a large chunk of the TCO of LoRaWAN deployments because of these realities. But: customers are also hesitant to work with these SIs, due to the unpredictability of costs and fear of lock-in.

About the hosts:

Alexander Overtoom
Head of Business Development –  The Things Industries

The Things Industries
The Things Industries provides enterprise-grade technology for customers to build private LoRaWAN networks. Its technology is user-centric and meets the demands of scalability, flexibility and security. Its API-first approach allows customers to seamlessly integrate into existing systems and infrastructure. TTI supports an installed base of roughly 20 000 LoRaWAN gateways globally, which includes the community-based The Things Network. For more information, visit