Regulatory Approval for Radio Devices


Workshops Area 1


01/30/2020 2:00pm

01/31/2020 2:30pm

Do you want to bring your radio product into the European or worldwide market? You think that you just (!) need a Declaration of Conformity to RED for Europe? Visit our workshop and see what needs to be taken into account for a LoRaWAN device to be brought into the market. In order to bring a product into the worldwide market, various certifications are required, since there is no globally valid certification regime. These certifications specify that the product meets the applicable requirements in the target market or geography and thereby enable market access.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

During the workshop, participants will receive a detailed overview of the regulatory requirements for products with radio technologies that are necessary for market approval. We will go into detail about the test requirements for a market approval of the devices in the EU (Radio Equipment Directive) and the USA (FCC). Additionally, we will show a live measurement of ETSI EN 300 220-2 to show what happens with a non-optimum device RF-adoption during conducted spurious emission measurement.

How can I prepare for this workshop?

No preparations are required. Any knowledge about regulatory approval would help.

About the hosts:

Markus Ridder
Managing director (COO) – CETECOM GmbH. 

CETECOM is the reliable partner for your product approvals. With 25 years of experience in testing and certification of products from the wireless telecommunication industry, we offer all services for the approval of your products from a single source.