Sensor installation and on-boarding easy as pie with Bosch PLS


Workshops Area 2


01/30/2020 11:00am

01/31/2020 12:30pm

The installation of sensors and LoRaWAN on-board process has never been easier. No drilling, screws, typing sensor credentials or hardware configuration. A complete installation of a parking sensor in 5 minutes is not realistic?  We prove you the opposite! And at the same time you will learn all important details about the parking sensor, the communication protocol, details about the device claiming solution and will receive tips and tricks directly from the developers and get your hands on the devices.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

  • How to install the sensor (physically)
  • How to on-board the sensor in TTN
  • Understand the functions and messages of the sensor
  • Handle “faulty” events

How can I prepare for this workshop?

For those who want to actively participate at the hands-on session:

  • Create a TTN account before the workshop
  • Bring your own laptop

About the hosts:

Alexander Paharukov
System Architect –  Bosch Connected Devices & Solutions

Sven Nitsche
Field Application Engineer –  Bosch Connected Devices & Solutions

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions
Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH (BCDS) has been founded 2013 as a 100% subsidiary of the Robert Bosch GmbH.

BCDS is specialized on the conception, development and manufacturing, sales and marketing of connected sensor devices for application in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). Core competencies of BCDS are: System architecture, security, hardware design, sensor application, embedded software and algorithms for operation of such connected devices, intelligent power management, wireless connectivity and field-application. BCDS has full access to Bosch competencies. Those include expertise in the design and manufacturing of micro-electronic devices as well as micro-electro-mechanical systems (e.g. MEMS sensing devices), reliability, embedded HW and SW design and implementation, RF design. BCDS is targeting a B2B approach. Focus is on IoT Devices, if needed also gateway, cloud integration, APP development can be provided as well. BCDS is active multiple domains in the field of IoT: Connected Industry and Logistics, Connected Mobility, SmartCities, SmartAgriculture.