Pushing Data from TTN to InfluxDB the easy way


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01/31/2020 11:30am

Yes, your data is time-series data! Of course it is, it’s IoT Data after all! So why not store it in a Time Series Data Platform where you can do complex queries, and create alerts and dashboards? In this tutorial we will step through the process of getting data from a TTN sensor to an MQTT broker, and into InfluxDB in just a few easy steps. Then we’ll see how you can make complex queries to visualize your data in real time.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

Participants will be able to integrate their sensors on TTN with an InfluxDB instance wither on-premise or in the cloud and build alerts and dashboards based on their data.

How can I prepare for this workshop?

Participants should have a basic working knowledge of TTN data payloads and MQTT, but even that isn’t required.

About the hosts:

David Simmons
Senior IoT Developer Evangelist  –  InfluxData

Data is best understood through the lens of time. The InfluxData platform empowers developers to be wildly successful in building next-generation applications.