Bridging BLE to LoRaWAN – extending your LPWAN network to include BLE sensors


Workshops Area 2


01/30/2020 1:00pm

01/31/2020 1:30pm

In this 30 minute hands on technical workshop, participants will learn how to extract sensor data from remote BLE multi sensor devices and bridge that data over LoRaWAN through TTN. Participants will each receive a DVK-RM186 kit and learn how to develop applications for scanning and parsing BLE advert data and packaging up for relay over the LoRaWAN network provided by TTN at the event. The data will be visualized on the Cayenne platform. Additionally participants will see and use a variety of packaged LoRa and BLE multi sensor devices (temperature, humidity, shock, motion, contact) that integrate Laird wireless modules as part of the experience.

What are my takeaways from this workshop?

How can I prepare for this workshop?

All software and hardware will be provided but all participants are expected to bring a Windows/Linux laptop.

About the hosts:

Mark Duncombe
Field Applications Engineer –  Laird Connectivity

Erik Links
Head of R&D –  M2M Germany

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