LoRaWAN networks susceptible to hacking


The Things Stage


01/30/2020 2:00pm

LoRaWAN networks susceptible to hacking: common cyber security problems and how to detect them

LoRaWAN is becoming the most popular low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) open standard protocol used around the world for Smart Cities, IIoT, Smart Building, etc.LoRaWAN protocol has “built in encryption” making it “secure by default”. Because of this, everyone is blindly trusting LoRaWAN networks and not paying attention to cyber security, but implementation issues and weaknesses can make the networks easy to hack.  Currently LoRaWAN networks’ cyber security problems are not well known. Also, there are no available tools for testing/auditing LoRaWAN networks security neither for detecting cyber attacks, which makes LoRaWAN deployments an easy target for attackers. In this presentation we provide a description of current LoRaWAN networks cyber security problems and possible attacks, as well as useful techniques to detect them.